Data sent from KoBoCollect still not reached the server

@rshrestha_winrock, could you share with me the screenshot from General Settings>Server?

Please find requested screenshot.

OK, which is the device (username) that holds this?


shambhakumarikushwaha04. I have asked this user to delete the clone of cooking… and enter the data in cooking diary …After see entered in this file I have received the data. But even the clone of cooking diary…was deleted, it reappeared again in the fill blank form. i also didn’t receive the data from user Madhu kumari2244 even when the data was filled in cooking diary …

OK will have a look at this and get back to you when I see anything or require anything.

OK, when having a closer look at the user account’s account I could see that there are 201 submissions under the cloned project.

So it’s clear that all your submitted projects are safe. You will need to download them and manually merge them to the main file when your data collection is completed. At the same time, you will also need to archive the cloned project as outlined in the support article Archiving and Unarchiving Projects so that enumerators are not able to download them as blank projects (for filling it up).

I don’t see clone project in my deployed section.

The cloned project is deployed from shambhakumarikushwaha04's user account.

ok. what about this “I also didn’t receive the data from user Madhu kumari2244 even when the data was filled in cooking diary …”

How did you know that the data sent from this user has not reached your user account? Could you please brief us a bit? When looking at the configuration it seems all OK.

This user said she had sent 81 filled survey forms but I have received 46 only (Sent on June 18, 2021). Is possible for you to look into this user on this particular day ?? Thank you.

Maybe you will need to check the user’s View Sent Form details from her device. That should be able to tell you more about the total submissions sent to your account.

Ok. The user said she used 2 devices to filled the forms. Will this make any issue ? I also request you to check if there is any other issue in cooking diary …project with respect to other users.

Here in this case, you will need to ensure that both the devices are configured correctly. When looking at the device you shared previously I could see the configurations OK.

Ok. Thank you.

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How can I know how many data this user has sent ? (besides seeing in the user’s view sent form).

You should be able to know if:

  • You have an identifier question in your survey project like enumerators name.
  • You should also be able to know if you have shared your project with the row-level-permission feature on. You should be able to learn more on this feature through our support article Row-Level Permissions.

ok. Thank you for your prompt support and I will contact if there is any issues.

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@rshrestha_winrock, please note that the second option does not work if you have already collected your data without the row-level-permission which is currently present in the server. It should only work for new data collected configuring with the row-level-permission.

ok. I have code for each enumerators and I also tried the second option it worked. Thank you.

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