Data server for your form or the Enketo server is down ... (500)

  1. I received submissions in which the photos could not be displayed (Could not find image…). I edited the submission (click the Edit symbol in front of the submission) by reuploading the photos and submitted the form again. Then I saw this message.

  2. I edited one submission, for example CTA-3-6 (click the square symbol in front of the submission, then click Edit), edited the information, save, Confirm & Close. However, this CTA-3-6 submission just stayed the same; and another CTA-3-6 submission containing edited information was generated and just automatically replaced another submission.

Welcome to the community, @crmgg! Did you validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see any syntax issues?


I openned the form (Preview in browser), filled in all the questions and clicked Validate. Then: OK. Form is valid!

I validated my XLSForm already and the form was valid. Please kindly help me to solve the serve problem and restore the original submissions on Nov. 15.
Kobo name: crmgg
Project: II) Phiếu điều tra giếng Hậu Giang

Thanks for your support.