Data stuck in queue while trying to submit through Enketo (web form)


I am experiencing a problem uploading web forms into Kobo. We are using Enketo to fill forms but they are not uploading into Kobotoolbox and are stuck in queue eventhough we have a good internet connecting. Can someone help ?
We have try to force to uploading by clicking on “transmission”. However it’s not working.
We have tried to disconnect our internet connection and reconnect it but still nothing happened.

thanks !

Hi @VDeom,

Welcome to the community! Could you kindly provide us the browser you are using to collect data. Would also appreciate if you could provide us the device you are using and its respective operating system so that we could have a look into it.

However, if you are using a different browser other than chrome would you mind trying with chrome and see if the problem still exists.

In the meantime also please try to submit your bulk collected data as outlined in the support article Manually uploading submissions. Maybe this should also solve your issue.