Data submissions issue

@Kal_Lam @wroos

A form and its data was deleted on the server after announcing submission closure to enumerators last Sunday. Few days ago, some enumerators claimed not to have heard about the announcement, hence, they are yet to submit their data.

Is there a way I can help these enumerators submit their data on the server as their data os important to us.

In other to help them, i have tried to upload the form again, this hasnot been helpful. It is reporting *Generic exception error 404.

Kindly help. Thank you

Welcome back to the community, @Bilqis! Kindly please be informed that if you have already deleted the project from the server you will not be able to submit the data from the app to the server. You should however be able to extract your data to your PC as outlined in this post discussed previously:

Thank you for your suggestion @Kal_Lam .

I tried many times to download ODK Briefcase, it is not executable. Unfortunately, Briefcase is not been supported anymore.
What other options can i deploy to copy the data files that cant be submitted from the App to the server as csv or xls for analysis?