Data table shows different versions of forms

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I am having trouble with the data on the table, as some are shown in the correct way and some are empty, but when downloaded in Excel the data is there, just shifted in different colums.
I assumed it was because there were two versions of the form, but I have updated on all devices the most recent form so I do not know why it keeps showing these data in two different ways. In fact, same person has sometimes the correct submission and sometime the wrong one. Here below a picture:

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Welcome to the community @LudovicaUkr.
Kindly note that at any time during the Questionnaire update process, if you have altered any of the existing name fields in your survey form, this will cause the data to come up on a new column and the previous columns will remain in your table but will be blank going forward.

In your case your fields Medical Institution, Specialist and Date of the Session might have been deleted and non-existing in the updated version of the form, or the name of these questions in your XLSform have been altered.

I would encourage you to keep the name column as it is once a survey has been published and data is now coming in. Only edit the Label instead to keep things in the same column.

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