Data table view, duplicate columns

I have group definitions in my form. and inside groups there are questions.
after collecting data through forms, I see 2 columns for each question in data > table view
one for “group/question” and one for “question”. “question” is always empty.

this causes confusion while filtering data.

how can I solve this?

can you share the questions?

AttachedKobo_Forum.xlsx (11.1 KB)

Thanks in advance…

your xls look fine the collected data display on the data>table unusual but when you export it looks like fine i will check and get back to you if you only like to work on the data table on kobo

I have also confirmed that data export is OK.
you can also create a new form including questions with groups and I am sure that will be the case.

may this be a bug because of updates in kobo platform?

Am I the only one who experience this?
All off my xlsforms which are icnluding groups show this behaviour!

If anyone has an xlsform with correct data > table view in the kobo GUI , please share your xlsform with me …


The uploaded file could not be deployed because it was missing its choices sheet. Here’s a usable one: Kobo_Forum (with fake choices).xlsx (10.0 KB).

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OK, I see the problem. Despite the submission content looking like:

  "_notes": [],
  "assess/Case_Identified": "choice_for_registration_place",
  "_bamboo_dataset_id": "",
  "_tags": [],
  "_xform_id_string": "aA7JqbjchAQinqd6nuVAUg",
  "assess/District": "choice_for_district",
  "meta/instanceID": "uuid:37ae1d26-8cea-445c-8085-cd771959c33a",
  "assess/GB_Condition": "choice_for_yes_no",
  "assess/Disability_Status": "choice_for_disability_status",
  "_geolocation": [
  "_status": "submitted_via_web",
  "__version__": "vGszHuDE7b6yo5Ta8KuirJ",
  "assess/Vulnerability_Risk": "choice_for_risk",
  "_validation_status": {},
  "assess/Vulnerability_Criteria": "choice_for_vulnerability",
  "_uuid": "37ae1d26-8cea-445c-8085-cd771959c33a",
  "assess/Vulnerability_Notes": "okay",
  "assess/Staff": "choice_for_case_worker",
  "_submitted_by": null,
  "assess/Case_Registration_Date": "2019-04-15",
  "assess/Risk_Level": "choice_for_risk_level",
  "formhub/uuid": "7bbe32bb284848158fc4f2b3f6c93376",
  "assess/Case_Code": "abcdefg",
  "_submission_time": "2019-04-15T19:15:04",
  "assess/ID": "11111111111",
  "_attachments": [],
  "_id": 25963039

…where there’s clearly one assess/ID response, the table view exhibits the problem described by @mskaraca:

Trying now with a minimal form.

Thanks for the issue report. This bug is now tracked at

@jnm how did you detect the submitted json can you tell me how to do so.