Data validation and Calculation

In need the program to flag out the results if it is greater than or equals 100%. This is an example e.g employees files their sum task on a document say source document per month then they later compile them to the monthly report the end results. The results is later computed to determine whether they are over reporting their task to the monthly report or not, so if the percentage of the results is greater than 100 it should flag out that; ${source document}-${monthly report} =difference , ${difference}div ${source document}=error, ${error}*100%=results. So I need this results to be displayed if it is greater than 100% on the note

Your query is quite doable if the data is being filled from one form directly and not from different forms or different instances of filling the same form. If this is being done from the filling of one form once, then this will be possible by using calculate functions within the constraint e.g.

  1. If you have say 4 questions one asking about monthly sales etc then you need to set the constraint you need for each. Check this article for constraints
  2. Next you can always use calculate options to countercheck e.g. in the above you can set that for Q2 it should always be less than or equal to 100% less Q1.
  3. For Q3 it should always be 100% less sum of Q1 AND Q2

Using that logic you can check within the same form.


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I managed to solve the query but use of relevance and i would like to share the idea on how i did it. By use of two questions(Q1 and Q2) then calculate question and finally a note to display the results Q1 in this case acts as a source doc while Q2 is monthly report
${Q1}-${Q2} store it as Difference
(${Difference}div${Q1})*100 then store it as Error
round((${Error}),1) also store it as Decimal remember the relevance Column to be ${Error}>=100
Now it is time to display the results if the condition is meet therefore on the note you can type that
The absolute value between source document and monthly report is ${Difference} at a percentage of ${Decimal}%

Wilson Uzziel

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