Data was lost

We just started to use kobo to collect data from Sierra Leone, however the field team just informed that all the saved as draft was gone.
This kinda thing was never happened before when we test it in London.

Does anyone has the similar problem and how can we avoid it and also how can we get the data back?


@GFuser, was there a reset on the mobile phone? can you check the installation location for saved forms.

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Hi @GFuser,

Would you try out providing us more details on the following:

  • Which platform did you use for data collection? (KoBoCollect or Enketo)
  • Can you confirm if you team have submitted the data to the server? If yes, would you try checking it out in the server?
  • Which server are you currently using? (OCHA or HHI)


Thank you so much for responding.
Answer your questions as below:

  • We use kobocollect, we use andorid tablet and open kobo form on web browser instead of install app because web browser has better interface.

  • The team hasn’t submitted the data yet, only saved as draft and then couldn’t find the saved data from the queue.

  • HHI

Thank you!

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Thanks for the detail. Looking at your response below

You seem to have the phones set to clear their browser memory and as such the data stored within them. Has this ever happened before?

Did you also finalize the forms? Can you send a screenshot of the sample problem you have


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