Date and time register in offline surveys


I would like to ask about the precision in the registration of the date and time data of the beginning and end of each survey when they are made out in the offline field.

The context of this question is that I have people working in the field collecting the information, but the start and end time records of each survey coincide with each other. That is, if a poll ends at 13:26, the next one starts at the same time 13:26 and so on.

My experience in the field tells me that this is practically impossible, since it always takes a few minutes to find someone else to start another survey and the start and end time of the next survey should not coincide.

We already had other problems with the registration of information when sending the surveys, when there is internet and that is why I suddenly think that it could be a tool error and not that my pollsters are answering the surveys themselves.

I appreciate your support, thank you very much.

end is the datetime of the last save/finalise of the case. This might be done directly before start of the next interview.

Do you use Collect or Enketo webform?

For Collect, you could get more details with audit logs for Collect.

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@pablofernandez, maybe this post discussed previously should also help you solve your issue: