Date field: data missing while exporting

I see date field in Kobo all updated but when I export to excel, some of the values are missing. They appear as blank cells when exported.

Is there any specific reason for this?


Welcome back to the community, @test_amrutha! Have you checked Store date and number responses as text while downloading your data as shown in the image below?

Checking Store date and number responses as text and downloading your data should solve your issue.

Attaching screenshots: From Excel export, from Kobo Data and Download Settings
I usually unchecked Store date and Number responses as text.

Tried checking and downloading - hasn’t solved the issue unfortunately

Hello @test_amrutha,
would you mind to provide the corresponding screenshot from the table view, please. The cases presented here do not seem to correspond with the cases the export.

In general order is inverse (and might be further different) between table view and export.

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