Date not being translated in Nepali while viewing it through the data entry form

Hi Kobo is taking right translation for words but not translation the numbers.
For eg, if i translate : January = जनवरी
it is translating right but
When I try to translate year:
For e.g : 1945 = १९४५
It doesn’t translates and shows 1945
Is thee any way to solve this or should I use
1945 = साल - १९४५


Could you kindly explain by way of a screenshot where you are seeing this translation issue?


I put साल: to show the number translation

Do you mean you wish to translate none selected?

Hi Kal, if it is possible I wish to do so but currently I need to show date translation in Nepalese as when I do only number it doesn’t takes the Nepalese number

Could you share a sample of a date not translated in Nepali?

nep date.xlsx (14.8 KB)

साल - २०२० Here I have used साल - ____ to show the translation but when I use only २०२०, it shows only English version date as 2020

Do you mean you wish to translate your number 2020 or say 2019 and so on that has been boxed in red (outlined below) to २०२०, २०१९, २०१८, २०१७ and so on while still using the English label?

Image 101

Hi Kal,
I want them to visible while translation language is selected Nepalese so that user can select them while working on Nepalese version

I am able to see the date (in the data collection form):

Is it something else that you wish to have?

If I delete साल than it shows 2020, or 2019 so on, it doesn’t show २०२०, ,(Nepalese numerical value)

OK, i found out the issue here. If you simply view the year that is in Nepali font (Unicode) in D14 you will see it being displayed in Nepali font (inside the sheet) but if you view the same thing in the status bar boxed in red you will still see the same thing in English (shown in the image below).

Image 101

So in this case, if you upload your xlsform in the server, you will still see an English date (like you seeing currently).

So the fix for this is as follows:

  • Open the choices tab of your xlsform.
  • Select all the cells that you wish to view it in Nepali font.
  • Then press right click.
  • Press Format Cells.
  • A Format Cells dialogue box appears. There, under the Number select Text.
  • Now copy the Unicode dates (year) to where ever required.

Doing so, you should be able to see the year being typed in Nepali in D14 (inside the sheet as well as in the status bar as boxed in red):

Image 102

Now if you upload your xlsform to the server, you should be able to see the year in Nepali as shown in the image below:

As a reference, you could use the following xlsform (where i have changed the first one for you):

nep date.xlsx (15.3 KB)

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Is there any way to change none selected message in dropdown menu list

Sorry, did not understand! Could you explain it possibly with a screenshot of what you wish to achieve.

Good information thanks for sharing

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none sel

Please check this

I don’t think so, as this is a system message. System messages only change language with the language of the system, not on form level.

You may see if you can change the language to Neppali on general in your account settings Enketo (or in general settings for Collect on local device). This might bring ypur language (as far as system is translated).