Date & Time field in form / How to set now() default date time?

Hi all,
I have a problem.
I have a field of type “date & time”.
When I display the form in the app,
I want the date & Time field to have the current datetime (now())
as default value.

But how can I do that?
I have no clue … read some posts, but nothing helped so far …


Hi @humaid, you can use the default column for this:


type name label default
datetime date_time Date and Time now()
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Hi @Josh ,
thanks for your reply, but how do I get there?
I am missing the link from where I am (see image below)
to the image which you posted.

When I am in my form edit mode, I see only this:

Hi @humaid, sorry, that was the XLSForm way to do it. In the form-builder, you can enter now() in the “Default Response” field:

default response


Hi @Josh
well, that worked like a charm!