Date time issue

Hi, I get the survey start date and end in the form:
here is my form

type name label::English (en)
start start_date start date
end endtime endtime

It has a start time greater than the end time
can anyone explain what is issue

issue date


start is the local device date/time (first save) end is the last save time, normally also local timezone… But if a case was edited on server level, this is based on the server timezone.

Your situation can also happen, if date/time was changed on the local device (manually or automatically network-based).

Using the search function of this forum, please, will give you further hints, e.g. Multiple submissions randomly appeared all at once on server days to weeks after submitting - #4 by wroos.

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still no entry edit on the server level

So, it is probably a problem of the date/time/timezone configuration change of the local device. Would you mind to check this first, please.

Do you use Collect (Android) or Enketo (Webform)?

Can you reproduce a similar case from the same device?

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