Date-Year function is not working

Dear community,

We have a year question where participants expected to enter only a year as a date. While the form works perfectly on the web, when opening the survey on Android or IOS, the form is not functioning properly.

See the examples below:

On the web

On the Android

As only year values are allowed, data entry is not possible via opening the link on Android.

Any suggestions how to avoid this problem?

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Thank you @mcaglidil for flagging this in the community! I tested the same and could reproduce it at my end too. I have created a GitHub issue for the same which can be followed here:

cc: @martijnr


Hi, any resolution for this? Its still an issue

Hi @eeshatariq
As suggested by @martijnr in the same Github Issue, “This is deliberate as we want to use a native date picker on mobile OS because it is so superior to a JS picker. One of them (month-year or year) is supported natively in some browsers.”


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Noted, thanks! I used the integer question type with constraints set to counter this issue.