Decrypt data ODK briefcase 1.17.3(latest) and 1.11.3 is not working

we have created a form with encryption and used enketo to fill-up the form, but I was not able to export data using ODK briefcase latest version as well as 1.11.3,
but due to urgency of the project (related with COVID-19 contact tracing) , we removed the encryption from the current implementation. around 200 submissions are in encrypted form. Is there any to get these data…
in APIs, encrypted submissions show files
mimetype: "application/octet-stream", download_small_url: "", download_large_url: "", download_url: "", filename: "shrar/attachments/39779468d8664f9ca323224b4575771a/99eaf4e3-4849-475e-b5a1-e9f6ce38db9e/submission.xml.enc",

is there any way I would be able to decrypt this information


Hi @prabinrs,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind having a look at the support article Encrypting Forms and follow the instructions to decrypt your submissions from the KoBoToolbox server.

As a reference you could also have a look to the forum discussion that has happened earlier here.

Have a great day!

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