Default language vs additional languages

I have an active survey in kobo and the default language is in english and there are 5 other additional languages.

However a colleague in Brazil has said that the landing page is automatically in English and you have to go to a drop down at top of page to choose other languages.
For participants who dont speak English this isn’t very intuitive. I read when i decided to use kobo that it would open in the language of your browser e.g. if you browser is in Portuguese you would automatically be sent to the Portuguese language survey?? Can anyone advise

  1. Did you check your form with the Online validator?
  2. Is there a default_language defined in the settings sheet of your form?
  3. Did you use the 2-letter language codes, e.g. ::English (en)?
  4. Can you share a validated extract of your form in XLSForm until the first usage of multiple languages, please, incl. the column headers?

@Kal_Lam: Is there a documentation,.please, how exactly Kobo Enketo decides the UI language, please? (browser language, form settings default_language, first usage in form, etc.)?

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  1. Yes checked with online validator
  2. default language is English on settings
  3. language code used are as follows: t=
    Type name label::English(en) label::Portuguese (pt) label::Spanish (es) label::Tagalog (tgl) label::French(fr) label::Tetun (tet)

Better use standard syntax, as in the documentation, with a blank before the language code bracket.

The reason is probably the default_language setting. You may test it: Remove the setting (you can just rename the column temporarily, e.g. to YXXdefault_language) and test with a browser changed to Portuguese,

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@ifergus23, you could always define the language (as advised by @wroos) you wish to be in a particular language as outlined here.