Default value from other entered field data

Dear Sir
I would like to draw your kind assistance once more.

I am trying to get default value from other entered field. Please have a look at attached file. I want to get entered Country into Country_proxy by default.

And secondly wanted to hide Country_proxy from entry from. Do not need to appear into data entry form.


Thanks for your kind help

Welcome back to the community, @asadmisgis! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks Sir
for your prompt response. I will try.

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Dear Sir
I tried and having some issues.

  1. Default value does not comes at repeat
  2. Date value could not identified

I have attached for your review. Please also let me know how to hide proxy variable at data entry form

Thanks for your kind help



Hello Sir
I am having with repeat relevant.

Please help me out.