Default value not working on android

I have a variable that is skip on certain condition. the default value for this variable is 0.
when I use the variable to calculate, it works fin on the pc but not on the android device.
I tried changing the default value to 1 but still wont be recognized on the android device. Th variable is skipped when entering data.

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Hi @joserapereira,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind sharing with the community your xlsform (with the selected questions) so that we could check it out at our end and see if we could help solve your issue (if it’s doable).

Have a great day!

Good morning
I am not allowed to upload files. how can I Share my form???

Hi @joserapereira,

Would you mind trying it out again. You should now be able to share your files in the community!

Have a great day!

aLa8aRo6Lt2rize5Wg4oiz.xlsx (16.0 KB)

Hi @joserapereira

I don’t know why this issue happens, but you could overcome it by adding calculation questions. I’ve already done this in the attached file.
aLa8aRo6Lt2rize5Wg4oiz (1).xlsx (21.7 KB) .
Also you may combine all Municipios questions in one question by using choices filter. Please find attached file.
Choices_filter.xlsx (22.0 KB)