Delete confirmation message cannot be seen in legacy interface

When I try to delete a form using the legacy interface, a confirmation message appears but the window doesn’t display properly thus preventing me from confirming the deletion. Here’s the screenshot:

Something seems to be really messed up since last night. Could you please help us restore things the way they were yesterday afternoon?

Thanks a lot.


Sincere apologies for the inconveniences. We noticed that this issue was caused by a more recent upgrade on our systems. We have since been able to resolve this issue and you should be good to go with your form. Could you please try the process and see if this problem persists.

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Hi. Thanks a lot for such a quick response.

I think the issue still persists. This is the screenshot I just took while trying to delete a form:

I logged out and in again to see if things changed but no luck so far.

Is there anything you recommend to see the confirmation message?



Could you confirm your browser and see if a change of browser still give you the same results?

I used Chrome. Just tried it again with Edge and got the same problem:

Just tried with Firefox as well. Same problem.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Obviously, it’s not the expected behaviour of the interface and we should address this soon.

Having that said, you may have noticed the banner at the top of main page.

The legacy interface will soon disappear. Please let us know how and why you are still using it.

You may want to start to use the new interface (also known as KPI) . You will find the “Delete Project and Data” under “Your Form > Settings”

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 16.19.14

Before disabling legacy interface totally, we are interested in knowing why they still use the legacy interface. Would you mind to take the survey?

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Hi @nolive.

I’ve already taken de survey. I totally understand that we need to move to the new interface and from today we’ll do so. However, in the new interfase I cannot see those forms that were uploaded using the legacy one. This is the reason why I’m trying to delete my forms using the legacy interfase. Do you think we’ll be able see the problem corrected soon?


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We can transfer your projects from the legacy to the new interface.

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With the new release (fix), you should now be able to delete your projects from the projects legacy.

Thank you very much @Kal_Lam. I will delete my projects from de legay interface and make sure to start using the new one.



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