Delete Media Files

How can i delete some of the media files which are not required. Because when i download the Media it downloads all the files. Unable to find the option to delete few media files which is not not required. Seen in the Gallery tab but no files are shown.

Welcome back to the community @khasaab! You could do it as follows:

  • Go to DATA>Table .
  • Identify the record from where you wish to delete the media files.
  • Then select the pen like edit icon (for that record).
  • You will be able to see the filled up form.
  • Go the the image that you wish to delete. Press the replace icon and then simply save the form without uploading another media.

You are now done. The media files has been deleted from your record.

This seems a very long process for deleting a single file. Suppose if we want to delete 30-40 files in such way then it will be very tedious work. Is there any way around

Maybe you could make a new features request that could support this feature in KoBoToolbox here.

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