Deleting images

Hi Kal,

I’m trying to delete images from some of our WCS kobo accounts to save some space, as we are not using them. I’ve already deleted about 500 images, but the storage remains the same. Do you know why?


Hi again, there is quite an important bug that just happened - I was deleting images, and noticed that the amount of submission was increasing while I was doing that. I downloaded the data, and it looks like duplicates of the submission I was editing were created in the process. Now I have more than 300 submissions that are duplicates :confused:

@dianedetoeuf, if this is happening again, could you kindly share with us a screenshot of the same? Maybe we could verify it for you.

Hi Kal, it keeps happening on the same form and I cannot delete the images of that form. I’ve made a recording available here: - Google Drive

Below is the screenshot of the duplicated data that were created when I tried to delete images just now.

Could you also get back to me on the issue of the storage space that is still full even after deleting all the images please?

Would you be available for a call if that’s easier?


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@dianedetoeuf, are you able to replicate this issue in a new dummy project to see if the same happens there too? That would help us with our quick testing.

I’ve cloned the form, it doesn’t happen again on the cloned form, see here: - Google Drive

How about the problem of the storage still being full after deleting hundreds of images?

Thank you


@dianedetoeuf, maybe this post would answer your query:

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