Deploy a form

I deployed a form in the server, but it is not displayed in the tablets. What could be the blockage ? Thank you in advance for your guidance.

Welcome to the community, @yvesngonde! Did you mean you are not able to get the blank forms to the Collect Android App?

Yes, everything is ok in my codes. the form is deployed. the tablet displays other projects from the server, but one project is not displayed even when I refresh the page.

@yvesngonde, could you kindly share with the community a screenshot of the project that is not seen in the Collect Android App?

The entire project is not visible on a tablet.

@yvesngonde, could you kindly share a screenshot of your app’s Settings>Server with the community so that we can understand how the app is configured?

I still haven’t had a response to my concern.

@yvesngonde, everything is fine except the URL. Just try the following URL instead of

Under the username, type in dmk.

Under the password, type in the correct password for the account. Doing this should solve your issue.

You should be able to learn more about the configuration through this support article shared previously: