Deploy Map Layer for Collect

How can we best deploy automatically one (or more) map layer (kmz, kml google earth images) for a Collect form on Android smartphones?
We want to use this layer for:

  • GPS geopoint in one form question (HH location inside Camp)
  • Overview with the Map Icon for all (saved, finalised) forms

Can this layer(s) then also be included in a Barcode configuration (Layer option in Maps Setting) for the local settings?

Is this layer then automatically available also in the Maps feature for this project in the Online View or do we need to import it there again?

Thanks in advance.
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Do you mean different sources within the same form such as Google, Mapbox, OpenSteetMap, USGS, Stamen and Carto?

NO, same source here.

So you mean from one of the following Google, Mapbox, OpenSteetMap, USGS, Stamen or Carto?

Sorry, if not well explained. I am talking about an additional own layer (kml/kmz geoshape) marking the Camp borders, which is added over the google satellite image, to show if the HHs are inside the enumeration unit (and where).

Example with Toolbox Online Maps Data View
image .

We want to get the same on the Collect smartphones (Android), with automatic deployment of the layer(s) with the form. We can make several layers, one per camp (preferably), or a combined one, including all camps (enumeration areas).

Maybe you could follow the instructions outlined in the post discussed previously:

Though it discusses with MBTILES, it should also work with your file type.

Thanks, @Kal_lam, we had read this before.
We are looking with (community) hope for:

  • Automatic deployment (not manually copy procedure)
  • Tested KoBo/ODK example with Google Satellite Setting and KML/KMZ layer.

For example:
A layer uploaded in Toolbox (Maps view), will it download into Collect with Form deployment?

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Hi @wroos
I have marked this as still open for further discussion from the community.

Just a quick query to continue the discussion and specific to this point.

If you uploaded the layer as a file on the settings page, it should, theoretically, download when getting the blank form. The next step would be how to integrate the layers from the media folder to do what is intended.

The issue on geo-referencing as indicated below is quite useful and would be extremely helpful for those of us who run population-based studies based on enumeration areas.

Without the use of the layers approach, I am not so sure if this discussion (3rd party discussions) could aid in a programming approach. Maybe other Kobo and ODK nerds could be able to chime in on this as a follow up or intergration of the discussions that happened on the ODK forum

Thanks and Happy New Year