Deploy questionnaire to kobocollect

I am writing to urgently report a critical issue I am currently experiencing with KoboToolbox.

As a trainer who has conducted sessions on using KoboToolbox for data collection, I have recently encountered a significant difficulty: I am unable to deploy questionnaires to KoBoCollect. This problem has arisen suddenly and unexpectedly, significantly compromising the execution of surveys planned as part of my training sessions.

Specifically, I have configured the KoBoCollect application on a tablet in accordance with the practices I have taught during my training sessions. However, during my recent deployment attempts, the process consistently fails, thus preventing access to the questionnaires in the field via KoBoCollect.

This malfunction is extremely concerning as it directly affects the implementation of essential research projects and data collection in our institution.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could urgently investigate this issue and provide any necessary assistance in identifying and resolving this technical anomaly. Explanations regarding possible causes of this malfunction and instructions for troubleshooting would be invaluable in restoring the functionality of the platform.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to your swift response and resolution of the issue.

Welcome to the community, @leboss! If you have missed this post discussed previously, it should help you solve your issue: