Deployment data Exception: Cannot alter deployment data directly

A KoBo Form that was published in Oct-2023 and updated several times by XLSForm in the KoBoToolbox. In the month of Nov-2023, I could neither upload/replace the XLSForm nor edit the form in Web-Builder. The alert messages are attached respectively. The data entry via KoBoCollect (over mobile phone) and data downloading are still function in full swim. May I request you to please fix my “KoBo Project” that I may update it via XLSForm as well as Web-Builder? Here are my details information below:

  1. Project Name: Live - Waste Collection - V04.07
  2. Server:
  3. Username/KoBo-Id: xxxxxxx

Welcome back to the community, @tuhinbd2k_brac! A quick question: did you validate your XLSForm though this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?

Thank you for your quick reply. Most of the time before uploading any XLSForm to replace old one, I test it in my another KoBo Account and submit one or more records. Anyway, I’ve tested now again uploading the XLSForm as a new project and have found it all functional with data submission. I’ve already tested as per you suggested link (ODK - XLSForm Online) and have found functional also (image attached).

I’ve mentioned in my previous message with attached image that I couldn’t update/edit anything (even my data entry colleagues name) in the Web-Builder also.

I wish now you could catch the point for solving the problem easily.

Any update?

Is there any update?

@tuhinbd2k_brac, is it the form deployment issue or the submission editing issue?

So, what should I do? The XLSForm works when I upload it as a new project.

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Maybe upload the XLSForm as a new project then.