Design questionnaire in Tabular Format

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Do we have any possibility of creating a form with the below format.
**1.**Meaning, the question should consist of tabular format with three rows and the user should enter the data in “Issue Type and Comments” fields

**2.**Example: same as the below screenshot but in place of Yes or No(radio buttons) we require a text fields.


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Hi @msupriya,

Welcome to the community! Please be informed that this is possible but you should also keep in mind that the form that you design digitally might slightly differ from what you see in a physical hard copy questionnaire.

Please try designing your survey form using the matrix question type as outlined in the support article here if you wish to see your survey form as what you have shown in the image above. Also be careful that your survey form should then be formatted as grid-theme as outlined in the support article here.

You could also see here for workarounds that has been discussed previously on the issue that you have raised.

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just to remember. There is NO grid-style option for KoBoCollect (only in Enketo).
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