Designing complaints & Suggestion form

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the kobo and currently developing a simple form to receive the complaints and feedback, I seeking your support to guide me on how to rearrange the layout of multiple choices questions i.e. “what would be your purpose of filling this form complaint, feedback?” and the individual has to choose only one, however, I managed to do so but the form layout is not organized.
2. how do i add the organization logo at the top

Hi @mohammedalkhatim, welcome to the community.

This is called select_one question. You can learn more about how that question works in this article:

Can you tell more about what do you mean by “layout is not organized?”

You can learn how to do that in this support article:

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to ask.
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Please check the link, I have already done all the steps mentioned before raising the matter to the kind attention of the community to help, the form looking and the part of the multiple-choice question is not organized

Hi @mohammedalkhatim,

Can you show me in a screenshot which part of the survey is not organized? So I can try to help you even furher.


sure, attached for your reference

Hi @mohammedalkhatim,

Seems like you choose horizontal-compact appearence, for more info you can check here:

If you change the appearence, you might get more organized version :slight_smile:

Let me know if this solves your issue.

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Thank you @hakan_cetinkaya
I tried to check the setting but there is no more appearance setting

I am not sure if I can grant you the access if you can check, please advise


It seems you’ve chosen matrix type question from your screenshot, just delete that question, and add a select_one question instead. That will solve your issue :slight_smile:

You gave me preview permissions by the way.

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@hakan_cetinkaya YOU’RE THE BEST
thank you so much, I did exactly what you said and I can see my template is looking good.
now, I need your help regarding the logo, I tried to download the existing template as. XLSX and I added the below but I am not sure if the syntax is correct, I also encountered an issue when I tried to upload it back to the platform

On another note, how do I increase the font on my questionnaire and make the title at the top in bold and this stuff, thank you in advance


@mohammedalkhatim, it would be good to have a different topic for a different issue. This should keep all the discussions systematically in the forum.