Developing a new Component for Kobotoolbox

Hi team!

I’m a long time non-profit worker, who has been slowly dabbling in tech and development. I have experience in developing with python and javascript for the web and for data analysis.

I have identified a clear use-case for an improvement in Kobo-Toolbox, which is a dedicated component for validating public issued ID cards in India.

I understand that this would require changes to both KPI and the backend, as well as the collect app for mobile. I was wondering if there was any guidance available on the architecture at the code level, and on required skills for making changes.

Similarly, I have seen some forum posts discussing the steps for initiating a development version using kobo-install, however this doesn’t discuss sharing those changes back through PRs.

I was wondering if there is some documentation I have missed there.


Welcome to the community, @karadi! You could change the system by installing the KoboToolbox in developer mode.