Developing and updation of Web form

Thanks for a wonderful utility!!! I am new to this and am absolutely amazed that it has solved half my problems.

May I hazard a guess that the under-mentioned problem statement in the open forum has been read. Notwithstanding, I have elaborated my query and reproduced the same as under.

Needless to say, your kind help will be of immense help to us in launching a survey pan India for collecting data from educational institutions.

May I kindly put up a case/ suggestion as a user story. I need to create a web form to collect data which is iterative in nature.

The web form needs to be accessed by a respondent which has a preset username & password (that is created & provided by admin at back end).

The respondent can key in the details and save/ submit the feedback. Consider the two scenarios :-

(a) Name of medicine & number of tablets available/ remaining as on date

(b) Name of child, his/her height and weight.

The data in the web-from should remain whenever the respondent logs-in the next time for two main reasons.

(a) Firstly the repetitive data of nature like name, address, contact No etc is not required to be keyed in again.

(b) Secondly the respondent can see the data submitted last time.

The respondent can edit the data as needed & save/submit it. We may have an option to lock certain data fields as well.

Each respondent has to be unique to prevent proxy respondents from sending data. Hence the need for the admin to create usernames (and passwords) from the back end for each of them.

The admin can add new respondents (usernames) who can then open the form for keying in the data. I am aware that the admin can also create a few supervisors who can assist respondent respondents while in the field. However, no supervisor should be able to create a new username to avoid false creep.

There can also be a log-out button as well.

I did try to create a few USERS in an existing data collection form and applied the row-level permission using the SHARING facility under the SETTING tab. I also tried using- Online-Only (single submission). However I was unable to restrict one entry per user. In effect, I was not able to develop the web-form of the functionality as described above.

Further, using - Online-only (once per respondent)- does not allow me to edit or re-login as it locks the browser permanently to the previous submission.

Do kindly consider the above for development. In case such functionality exists, may I kindly solicit support in creating such an iterative data web form.