Device storage of images taken as data collection

Good day,
I’d like to know the life of an image taken for a survey; does the image remain on the device after completion and upload of the specific questionnaire?

If the image does remain on the device, what is the file path where it can be found?

Welcome back to the community @jgordontoylor! Do you mean the path of the image stored in the mobile device when collecting data or in the server after it is submitted from the mobile device?

Technically the former, in that I’d like to know firstly if after submitting the image remains on the device, and if it does remain on the device, I’d like to know the file path of the image on the device.

@jgordontoylor, you should be able to access the images stored in the device by following the path shared below:

This PC\Galaxy S10+\Phone\Android\data\\files\projects\76a057bf-bbc6-4e8f-b182-0b21d51afb02\instances\Image Test_2022-06-30_09-46-59

The link may be slightly different depending on the following:

  • PC’s OS (here I am using windows OS)
  • Mobile device you are using (here I am using Galaxy S10+)
  • Project name (here my project name is Image Test)

But you should be able to find the image under the instances folder.

Note: You will be able to access this image link by connecting your mobile device to your PC through a USB cable.

You should however be able to avoid having the traces (backups) of the images taken by checking Delete after send option from under the Form management as shown in the image below: