Difference in download data and edit forms

There is a serious issue that we are facing.
The forms that have been edited post submission, their data is not getting updated in the excel and csv files that we export from the downloads section.
The data in the forms and the exported excel sheets are different.

Welcome to the community, @sanjay_1234! Could you also let us know the server you are using and the question type you edited the submission? Maybe we could also troubleshoot the same at our end to see if it’s a system issue.

How did you edit, please? Single modal or bulk edit?
Did you change your form during data development (or now)?
Did you check the form with the Online validator? This is always recommended during development and before deployment.

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Hi, Kal_lam,

We are using the server https://eu.kobotoolbox.org/
We have several forms one at a time, and we have edited questions which are multiple choice.
I would give you an example - One of the entries requiring multiple choice question with options - alternate wetting & drying, Direct sowing, Pest Management etc.
If the data enumerator has selected Alternate wetting & drying and Pest management first and then after submitting the form, the admin has edited the entries to all 3… Even then the exported excel sheet does not show the edited data.

We used single modal method for edit.
Yes, we did change/update the form in between this.
Thank you for suggesting the online validator tool, although our forms do not seem to cause any other problem but it is showing several errors. We will use this from here onwards.

@sanjay_1234, could you extract the part of your XLSForm that has the issue and then redeploy it as a new project to see if you get issues there too? Try to use only the portion of your XLSForm that has issues (not the entire XLSForm).

You could identify the issue by doing the same.

Hi @Kal_Lam
We did check the portion of the forms again after redeploying as a different project.
Although, we did not encounter any of the previous issues in this redeployed form - all edits are being updated in the downloaded data, unlike in the previous forms. Can you suggest any other way to identify the problem and solve it.

What errors do you get, please?
Did you change this select_multiple question? How?