Different links data entry for one survey?

The survey I developed was shared with data collectors (for android entries), even though there is only one form; the data collectors ended up working with two different links/ forms; and only half of the entries are visible in Kobo!

I did make small adaptations to the form during the data collection; could it be that some of the data entries were made in a previous version of the form? In that case, where can I find them?

Welcome to the community, @Daphne.Mulder! That should not be the case. Maybe you will need to ensure if you deleted any other projects (maybe the pilot project) from the server which you used to test the form version which is still in the app that is being unsent to the server.

If possible could you also share with the community a screenshot of the issue you are seeing when you try to submit your data to the server? This should help the community to troubleshoot your issue.