Different question selections

What logic can be used for this Question
Can you give reason(s) for rating (INSERT SERVICE PROVIDER(S) CODED AT Q11c) the recommendation rating score (INSERT SCORE CODED AT Q12a))? PROBE FULLY

For example, if there are 5 options at Q1 e.g.
Q1) which is your favorite fruit

Q2 What is time of consumption
NOTE MANGO was selected in Q1 while NIGHT was selected in Q2, Both Mango and Night where separately brought down to question Q3
Q3 Why is Mango your favorite fruit taking in the Night
I just like it
Its good for me
It was recommended
Can`t say

What logic can be used

@FEMMMY, hi,

How about;

Q3 Why is ${Q1} your favorite fruit taking in the ${Q2}?

Doesn’t this work?
Here is a support article for the logic behind it:


Let us know if this doesn’t fit your needs.

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Thanks for your reply, but its only picking the XML value and not the actual option selected

For instant if mangos is 1 it will display 1 and Night is 2 it will display 2 on the question

like this Q3 Why is 1 your favorite fruit taking in the 2?. But if i replace the XML value with the numbers it will show it. But we need XML value for data purpose


In the support article it says, doesn’t that method work?

You can also reference the response from a Select One/Many question and display the answer instead of the code using hidden Calculate questions


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@FEMMMY, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

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The logic didn’t work as expected, it was picking the XLM value instead of the main options,
For example. If mangoes is 1 it will show 1

@FEMMMY, please have a look at this post. It should solve your issue:

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