Difficult to sync data from android device to KoBoToolbox server

Hello Team,
I get the problem of login into account of humanitarian response and data from from do not come into database can anyone help me to solve this issue and password and username is collect.

Welcome to the community, @godlove! Do you mean you cannot get the blank forms to your Collect android app or send the submissions from your Collect android app to the KoBoToolbox server?

Yes, my colleague from the field when were trying to get black form they get this error sms(form list download failed) and if they trying to send data to the server it get the same error, also on my side it is very difficult to login into the account in order to access data.

@godlove, have you gone through our support article Collecting Data with KoBoCollect on Android? It should help you configure your android device.

Feel free to reach us back if the issue is still on.

I have been using this system for a while now the problem started yesterday not that this system is new to me also I don’t get kobotoolbox servers

OK, could you share the screenshot of the error message you are getting from the device with us?

  1. I get this error when i was trying to get black form from the kobotoolbox server
  2. I get also this error when we trying to upload data to kobo server i get this Error :timeout
  3. Also when i was trying to login into my kobo account via humanitarian i get the black page into my browser

the blank page is this

OK, could you now share us the screenshot from General Settings>Server? Maybe we should be able to troubleshoot from the settings as made in your Collect android app.

You mean this one?image

Yes, is the username and password fed correctly?

Yes everything is collect

Maybe try this (it should work for you):







It does not work, i get the same error

@godlove, are you still not able to get blank forms?

Yes, am still getting the same problem chief

OK, would you mind logging into your user account through the browser (using the username and password)?