Difficulty in creating form with multiple Options and against each option to have manual entry "Type" type

Hi Community,

I seek help related to creating a form which has 3 categories. Each Category has different sub-categories. And each sub-category has different brands in it. I’m able to create all the brands against each sub-category but my requirement is specific at Brand level where I need visibility to enter Quantity/Brand against each listed brand. For Hierarchy tree, please refer to the Hierarchy image file.

I need to have multiple selection of brand post selecting the sub-category and need to put manual entry against each brand to capture the final outcome in terms of Units/Day Sales. And if the brand is not present then select others and do a manual entry of brand name and then do a manual entry of Sales Units/Day within that sub-category.

For details, Please refer to the below link with sheet name “Kobo Community Help”.

Please provide the required support.

Copy of Sales Survey Form.xlsx (21.6 KB)

Welcome to the community, @utpalkant1! You should be able to do this as outlined in our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions. But at the same time please also be informed that the display is not as alike the image you shared in the post.

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