Digitizing hardcopy answers using QR/ bar code

Hello Everyone!

I’m quite new to using KoboToolBox and looking for advice on possible form types to digitize evaluation answers. Is it possible to create a form that will use qr or bar codes to capture answers from a hardcopy version that is in different languages?

I’m using hardcopy forms due to the remoteness of communities, lack of awareness on use of technology and number of participants in each group. I have tested using Enketo web forms with a mix of open and close ended questions, generally takes a long time to complete. The aim is to keep all questions close-ended and transferring the data back to Kobo.

Do let me know if I need to clarify my thought process

Hi @AmanN,

Welcome to the community! Well it’s always possible to use the barcode/qr-code question type to capture information as required for your survey project.

Looking at your scenario, you will require a barcode/qr-code label attached with the hard copy. (Please note: if this is not possible a barcode number or the qr-code number will also work).

Please see an example of how to use the barcode/qr-code question combining with the pull data function as discussed in an earlier post: