Disable going back within a Repeat

Hello All,

Is there any way to disable going backwards within Repeat Groups only?

I have a repeat setup which only allows section of an option once, if you go back and then forward again it prevents you from continuing as the variable ID has already been recorded.

Besides this reason it often confuses enumerators if they go back within a repeat and they get ‘lost’.

I would still like them to be able to go backwards through the overall form.

I suspect this may be beyond what is possible but would appreciate any feedback.


@Rusti, you got that correct! If you wish to block your enumerators from going back, it’s possible. But this implies all the survey questions and not just one specific question. If you are using the Collect Android App, then you could go to Settings>Access control>Form Entry Settings>Moving backwards and then check or uncheck the settings as needed.

Thanks Kal, I am aware of the disable backward movement feature but was hoping there was a workaround for the repeats.

Thanks for the feedback

OK, I have changed your topic to features request. Maybe we could find a donor to implement this feature request.