Disable public submissions (require login to access/submit the form)

This might be a newbie question, but how can I disable public access to a form? It seems that by default every form is public and anyone with a link can access the form and submit data. I thought that having theses checkboxes unchecked would do it but I still see public access to the form:

Any suggestions?

Hi @roemhildtg,

Have you gone through our support article Archiving and Unarchiving Projects. It should solve your issue (if you archive your project as outlined in the support article).

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam, Thanks for the quick reply!

I’m not trying to disable submissions entirely, I just don’t want public access. I mean, users should be authenticated before submitting data. Is this not a possibility?

Hi @roemhildtg,

If this is your requirement, you could follow the instructions outlined in the discussions that has happened in the past (it should solve your issue):

Have a great day!

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Ah - there it is. Thank you again. I guess I should have drank some more coffee and poked around first :slight_smile: