Disable “save as draft”

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is it possible to disable or hide the option “save as draft” at the end of the submission ?
this is for avoid it’s selected …




in online collection i don’t think its possible

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Hi there,

I’m also having a similar problem- how do you disable the save as draft option?

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There is no way to disable this, However we have noted this as a suggestion for future development.


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I only find one way to disable this. You only need change the method to collect data.

If you select “Online-Offline (multiple submission) [This allows online and offline submissions and is the best option for collecting data in the field]” the option appear but if you select "Online-Offline (multiple submission) [This is the best option when entering many records at once on the computer, e.g. for transcribing paper records.] the option doesn’t appear

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Hi everyone,

Anyone knows if there has been an update on this? I would like to hide the option ‘save as draft’ and only allow the option to submit. Users will be using this in the web form.

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@Violetafernandezm, maybe you could try getting the URL as:


Collecting data with Online-Only (single submission) or Online-Only (multiple submission) should solve your issue for this.

Thank you!

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