Disabling access to viewing sent forms in KoboCollect application

I would like to seek advice to block or remove access to users to viewing the sent forms after submitting them or deployed the form through the KoboCollect app in their mobile devices? We understand the this can be enabled if the user refreshes of download new forms from the server once we changed credentials, but if the user kept on using the application they may still continue to have access to the sent forms. How we could disable or block access to users to view the sent forms?

Welcome to the community, @sci_srilanka! So did you mean you do not want to keep any traces of submissions under the Sent folder of your Collect Android App once the submission is sent to the server?

Kindly please confirm if this is what you wish to achieve?

Hi Kal, yes, we would like to remotely enable any action to block content viewing or removing access to such users.

@sci_srilanka, making changes remotely is not supported yet. But you should be able to physically make changes to the setting through: Settings>Form management>Delete after send

Once we make these changes, user should refresh, isn’t it?

@sci_srilanka, this configuration is within the Collect Android App. So no need to refresh.

Thank you and appreciates the support.

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