Disparity between api results /assets after upgrading version to 2.022.44 from 2.019.52-final-shared-database

After upgrading kobo from version 2.019.52-final-shared-database to the 2.022.44 version, my query to fetch surveys from assets query which are already deployed stopped working.

/assets?q=asset_type:survey AND has_deployment:true&sort=date_created:-1

Above query returns zero results which worked previously

I checked if maybe v2 version will work but results are still empty:
api/v2/assets?q=asset_type:survey AND has_deployment:true&sort=date_created:-1

How to get survey list of surveys which were deployed (has_deployment == true) in newest version ?

Welcome to the community, @mdobrenko! Are you on a self-hosted server?

yes, /i am on self-hosted server.

For you information after update I can access old submissions and old surveys. Can access create new submissions too so i think process of updating kobo went successfully…

I checked out uri without and and only using
but this still returned zero results.

If I use only asset_type query parameter, it works f.ex.

any solution?
For now I am filtering results from query (checking has_deployment myself)