Display date/time format


I’ve noticed when you change the language in KPI you get date & time in whatever is considered default for that locale.

This is an issue since it changes from one country to another.

For instance, if you select English, it just display month before day, but this format is only for USA.
Many non US citizen are English speakers and aren’t used to that display.

Same story for time, some use AM/PM format, others use 24h format.

Please, can we have this customizable in “Settings”?

Hi @pasteurlaos,

Would you mind creating a new survey project, you should be able to get date and time under the Created as well like the one you are getting under the Last Modified (Last Wednesday at 9:27 AM).


Yes, as said the 12 hour time format does not change despite the fact the you change the time format to 24 hour in your device. Maybe this is something that you wish to have as an improvement feature. Correct me if i got you correctly.

Have a great day!

Hi Kal_Lam,

I’m sorry if my request wasn’t clear enough.
I’m not reporting a bug, nor I’m wanting to see time under Created column.

This is a feature request for being able to change the date/time format in KPI interface.
I should add it has nothing to do with the collected data.

As I explained, when a user changes the language in his settings, that automatically changes the date/time format. However, the current format for English is only relevant for US users.

Have a nice day.

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Here more info about what I’m asking for:

I’ve already notice that currently, the format used has nothing to do with the browser settings.
This should be, in my opinion, the way to go, since it requires no more configuration from end-user.

JavaScript already allow you to display dates according to browser’s configuration.
See the sample code below:

let d = new Date();

If you think browser’s setting is not appropriated, because people might want to have an itinerant profile, then my request would be to have this customizable in KPI’s settings.

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