Display GPS Precision as Note

Hi together,

is it possible to display the GPS-precision as a note? It seems like it is not possible to refer to the dedicated GPS-precision column that is included in CSV/XLS exports. When trying to refer to the column as a survey element ${_gps_precision}, there is an error when deploying (survey element not existing). So I guess it won’t work this way.

The other approach would be reading out a substing of the GPS survey element ${gps} which contains lat/lon/elevation/precision. Reading out and displaying the whole content of the survey element works, but I’m only interested in displaying the precision value as an integer. Is substr or substring-after the proper function to do this? If yes, how do I have to structure the substr function?

In short: can I readout a substring (precision) from the GPS survey element and if yes, how?

Thanks in advance

Go with the substring solution…
type geopint: Space-separated list of valid latitude (decimal degrees), longitude (decimal degrees), altitude (decimal meters) and accuracy (decimal meters)
See https://getodk.github.io/xforms-spec/#data-types
You might also try selected-at(${GeoPointVariable}, 3), Index here starts from 0.


Thanks @wroos, selected-at combined with a calculation works!


Maybe if it’s helpful for someone …