Display list of choice values which have not been selected till the current time, for specifically marked questions

Is there any way to display which choices from a specially marked list have not been covered by a data collection activity till the time of viewing the data table in the Reports Section?

This would be especially useful when enumerators are tasked with covering a predefined list of subjects and the project manager wants to see the pending cases and can highlight them directly by viewing the reports rather than looking up the missing cases from the whole list

Welcome to the community, @nlkulkarni! Would you mind providing us a screenshot of how it could be so that we could move this forward if possible? Maybe some examples/descriptions would also be helpful for us to understand your suggestion.

Hi @Kal_Lam!
Thanks for responding so soon. I’ll try giving a sample image in the next two days, till then will try explaining an example here.
Suppose I have 100 remote patients to be covered by field personnel for following up on their health complaints on a monthly basis. The identification for these patients is pre-loaded in the form as choices for a select one question.
When these personnel make their rounds and collect the data, I see an increasing list of the forms for each patient in my data tables over the month.
However, let’s say we are in the last week of the month and I see that I have received only 95 forms. At this point of time, I would very much like to see a section of the report that tells exactly me which patients are remaining to be covered.
What we do currently is download the data, lookup the covered patients from the original list and then filter out the ones left out (may be there is an easier way to do this? I work with Excel)
So can there be a feature that directly executes this query in the KoboToolbox Reports interface itself so that data download isn’t needed until all the expected forms are received.
I hope that gives a clearer idea? You’ll have a sample image from me soon!

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Hello @nlkulkarni,
How do you do it in Excel?
You may just add the choice tem list to the cases ID values in one Excel column and then use Excel Remove duplicates. You will get the NOT (yet) used choices.

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Hi @wroos ,

I download the data and do a vlookup of the choice item list with the cases ID values, and then filter the #N/A rows. What you’ve suggested is a great idea too - I’ll try seeing if it helps make the process faster. But still both methods involve downloading the data.

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