Display Others Specify in Multi choice

I want to display the Others Specify text in the select multiple list. For eg: i am having q1 as select multiple with some list including others specify and with others specify there is a text to enter the others specify text. My next question which q2 will display the list selected in q1, but for others specify it will display the text entered in the text and not as Others Specify. For eg : q1 has a list of Choice-1, Choice-2, Choice-3 and Others Specify and the user select Choice-1 and Others Specify and enters the text as MyChoice in the text followed by it. so, my next question which is q2 will display Choice-1 and MyChoice as the label. Also attaching xls form for your reference.Test.xls (18 KB)

You cannot directly enter a custom value in a select_one/select_multi question [XForm ‘open selection’ support will be forthcoming in ODK Collect…]. Instead this must currently be accomplished via adding a dependent question after your select_* to enter custom text. See https://xlsform.org/en/#specify-other for details.

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Then what does this below link suggest.

You can include a previous response in the label text of another question, which is what your link describes. But you cannot (readily) insert a previous response value as the text of a select_one/select_multi choice label. Question display text and select option/choice display text are quite different beasts in XForms, and not orthogonal in what you can do with them.

Is there any other alternative to do. We want text of others specify to be displayed in the list of select multiple.