Display polygons geojson in kobo collect app

Hello All,

Is there a possibility of displaying existing polygon shapes from geojson file in kobo collect APP?
I have working version with points geojson file which is helpful but I need to show the existing polygons on map to avoid the overlap or duplication while mapping/geoshape the farmers new land parcels.
one more attempt I tried with mbtiles of existing polygons, this works but its a lot of repetitive work at short time interval.

any help is appreciated!

Maybe the following link will help you:

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thanks for the reply and a work around.
The solution works for small number of features/polygons with limited coordinates for each polygon.
I did one small experiment of just copying entire list of polygon coordinates as one string and then assigned to geoshape. this worked for one single polygon.
now next challenge is to load all rows of polygons from CSV in map.
another challenge is to show polygon in map as line only without the vertex highlighted.

thanks @prashant_nf_kobo
please share xlsform , csv files, So That the community can help

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Hello I had the same questions. There is a way to manipulate the polygons into a csv: How to ‘Geofence’ Your Data Collection within Pre-Set Polygons - YouTube

I wonder if there is an easiest way to do?

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Thanks for sharing. i am also facing same issue. what to do i am too confused.