Display problem

I have a problem with a display.
In the attached image I use a loop depending on the number of ticks the loop opens.

But if I tick livestock loss.
The following question opens to ask what type of livestock.
If the person ticks for example: sheep, cows, horse.

The loop opens to ask how many sheep you have lost.
how many cows you have lost
and how many horses you have lost.

All these aspects mentioned work.
But what doesn’t work is the display.

QLB2_3. How many sheep, cows and horses did you lose?
This brings me back to the three selections whereas I want for each selection.
For example QLB2_3. How many sheep did you lose?
QLB2_3. How many cows did you lose?

Does anyone have an idea of how to do this?


Could you share the related part of your form please?

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the form in question

questions.xlsx (12.9 KB)

The name of your 2nd sheet is wrong, it must be “choices,”.

Always check your form during development and before deployment, please, with the Online validator.

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Sorry I had not been careful as I just extracted part of the questionnaire for the problem mentioned above

Did you check your form with the Online validator.?

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Yes the questionnaire works well no error with the online validator

questions.xlsx (12.9 KB)

Side-note / design hint: Constraint might be written like this: if( selected(., ‘nsp’) or selected(., ‘pnpr’) or selected(., ‘aucune’), count-selected(.) = 1, true() )

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The formula doesn’t work. With the online validator it asks for a reference. With this formula: if( selected(., ‘nsp’) or selected(., ‘pnpr’ or selected(., ‘none’), count-selected(.) = 1, true() ) it does not happen to recognize the group and ask to review the formula

There is one closing bracket missing (before last or).

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I’ve got the solution.

The problem comes from here:
${grp_impacter_label} I put ${means_impact_menage}
To display each choice I have to write the question like this: QB2_3. How many ${grp_impacter_label} did you lose?

Thanks for the help

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Don’t forget to check with the online validator, please.

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@Karimzak, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: