Display the real value instead of automatic that is seen in the form builder UI

Hi everyone! :wink:

When you create a question (select-one or select-many) you have the value of the option specified as “automatic”. If you are a basic user it’s not very easy to get what “automatic” means when it is essential for the analysis phase to be clear on the values specified for most types of analysis tools you might use. The “automatic” values should be changed in most cases by the user (except for very simple forms) so that the results are understandable for newbies, which is a good data practice that should be encouraged (we have in CartONG actually produced a document explaining the importance of this on this page: https://www.mdc-toolkit.org/design-your-forms/) and therefore more obvious in the interface (rather than having to leave the form builder and come back to it later to actually see the values generated by Kobo ).

Moreover, if you have a complex form with a lot of answers that begin the same or answers with special characters (apostrophes, accents… which can be frequent in some languages), the automatically generated values can be really complex and unintelligible. This can refer to another suggestion I did about the size of answers’ names : Increase the option names limitations

The ideal use case would be the following:

  • Fill in the label of options
  • On the right, where you should fill in the value, either:
    • show the automatically generated text, so that the user is at least aware of what was generated
    • keep the “automatic”, but show an obvious message (in red?) above encouraging the user to change these values to something more meaningful

I am using the Kobo Humanitarian response server.

Hope you will consider this suggestion !