Displaying an average value received for a field in a parent survey on a child survey

Hi, I want to generate average values for several fields in a parent survey and display it on a child survey. Is there a similar code to the one below?


Welcome back to the community, @minuri_perera! You should be able to calculate the average by following this post discussed previously:

This may not work for my survey. I am using the round 1 of the survey to separately reach out to 5 tourism industry experts who will score a given list of stakeholders. In round 2, I want to show them the mean score generated for each stakeholder and I also want to show them how they have initially scored them.

The fields highlighted in yellow are where data needs to be imported from the parent survey.

I am attaching the two xls sheets I have generated for the two rounds of data collection, should that be of any convenience. I have followed the guidelines in Dynamic Data Attachments.

Delphi_yala_parent.xlsx (12.5 KB)
Delphi_yala_child.xlsx (14.0 KB)
However, when I try to open the child survey in browser, it gives an error message that the survey has failed to load. The same error occurred when I tried to deploy and open the demo xls sheets that were given in Dynamic Data Attachments