Displaying on the form builder the tag question

Hi there,

Mainly about the use of template but I met a point which could be very useful.
If it is possible to tag some questions to sort them in the library, it could be very practical to display the tag near from the question title when you are in the form builder.

I am using KOBO Humanitarian response.

The goal will be to have something like this for each question:
Question hint

In fact, when you are working with a template, you will import in the library the basic XLSForm you have : “the standard form” and you need to adapt it. Sometime to a specific projet, a country or users.
So, in this type of template you will have :

  • questions that should never change
  • the one you need to adapt : questions which need to be modify

So I can tag my questions by using this feature : (http://support.kobotoolbox.org/en/articles/2789319-using-the-question-library).
Nevertheless, if you can see tags in “search tags” they will not be display on the screen one time I selected them. It keep the adaptation of the form a little bit tedious and create a big risk of mistakes.

Same when new questions are added, there is no practical way to easily identify them – for remote support and debugging purposes – as in the XLS form, where new questions should be added using green fonts

I think this feature could facilitate a lot this type of work by avoid mistakes and save a lot of time!!

Thank you to note this point :slight_smile: